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M&M Cookie Bar

Chewy and Gooey M&M Cookie Bar Did you know that sometimes M&M’s tend to multiple when they are in a candy jar nobody remembers to eat out of? Well that is what happened to me the other day my son wanted a pack and I reached in and grabbed a pack knowing I had some […]


Biscuits and Gravy

Best Biscuits and Gravy The classic biscuits and gravy. Weather it is a Sunday morning or a quick dinner. This is a go to for our family. (Not to mention it’s cheap!) It is not a very healthy option but let’s face it sometimes you need to give into carbs!! Enjoy!  To start I always […]


Classic Chocolate chip cookie

The classic chocolate chip cookie. Let’s discuss these for a moment. By far this is my absolute favorite recipe. It is chewy on the outside edges and very soft on the inside with every bite you get a yummy chocolate chip. This recipe never disappoints. Weather you need a quick snack or something to take […]


Soft and Chewy Snicker-doodles cookie

Soft and Chewy Snicker-Doodles Cookie! When I make these snicker-doodles cookie I always think of my Dad and my Hubby. This is their favorite cookie, over the years I have spent time perfecting them. Because I don’t know about you but I like a soft and chewy snicker-doodle v.s a hard and dry one! Soft […]